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You may not always have shipments big enough to fill a whole standard-sized cargo container, but the great news is that you no longer need to. Although it takes more time, but it is an effective and competitive solution for air freight.

Hudhud Less-than-Container Load (LCL) service handles your small-volume shipment by consolidating it with other shipments, to guarantee on-time departures.

At Hudhud worldwide logistics, we go all the way to ensure that our LCL solutions provide complete flexibility, dependability, transparency, ease of use and connect your global services with a single point of contact.

We have been creative for many years in showing our special services through partial shipment of goods and other materials in terms of special service professionalism, speed of execution and competitive prices.


Our LCL services are Created to simplify your logistics needs reliably and effortlessly. Therefore, you purchase for and ship only what you need to.

  •  We’ve been working for more than 10 years experience.
  • HudHud worldwide logistics, is representative of ECU worldwide in Libya. ECU worldwide is no one LCL cargo handling company in the world.
  • We are in very good positions to offer you best LCL rates for your ocean freight (LCL) shipments from around the world to Tripoli-Libya with help of 300+ offices in 180+ countries Globally.
  • We have regular direct services from UK and Europe to Libya and can handle your Ocean Freight (LCL) shipments from around the world to Libya through our European Hub in Belgium.


LCL is an ocean freight transportation service that is required by businesses that don’t have full container Cargo Load. LCL is the best service for such a situation as rather than have to pay for a whole container with much of the unused space, shippers can now consolidate goods with others to fill up spaces and thereby reduce the total prices.

LCL (Less-than-container Load) is a shipping Code used to clarify container loads which are filled by several orders or goods. it is more cost-effective to combine your delivery with other orders. Whenever, delivering a small amount of product by container ship. This is called ‘Less-than-container Load’.

At present, there is a great need to provide the requirements and needs of the global commercial market, so we had to pay attention and think about the best ways in which goods can be shipped and delivered to the required markets, so there is no need to worry about your shipments, our specialized team will take care of delivering them to you wherever your destination is in the world  .in addition, we  provide  the best LCL services from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Europe in general to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Middle East countries.


The system of LCL shipment and collecting of shipments depends on shipping the customer’s goods in a part of the container with several other shipments that are collected in the warehouses of Al-Hudhud company and then sent in a common container to their destination, this means that your shipment is combined with other shipments heading to the same destination.

The cost of shipping is usually calculated in cubic meters, that is, you pay for the volume, and not a fixed price, as in shipping a full container.

in LCL service, several shippers share the same container, for Instance, it supposed you have a small shipment, it is unreasonable to book a full shipping container and pay for it only for this small shipment, so several shipments from several senders are collected with each other so that the total volume is suitable for the volume of one container, then they are placed in a common shipping container and this is done inside the consolidation or collection warehouse.

LCL Service brings full flexibility to the transport operations, to suit all needs.

We always aim in our services to provide the best transportation, shipping and customs clearance solutions .Especially the competitive LCL Service or collecting shipping solutions and provide unparalleled services that get your trust. This is supported by a team of Project Management and business development, which allows us to provide integrated solutions to our valuable customers.

      Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL“ is a trusted provider of logistics services ,FCL and LCL services, with a reputation for quality and reliability – Shipping simplified     > Call us today for a free quote! (+218) 92-4834830 or email : –

There are two standard container sizes

There are two standard container sizes:

- 20ft shipping container – 20ft (6.06m) length x 8ft (2.44m) width x 8ft 6in (2.6m) height

- 40ft shipping container – 40ft (12.2m) length x 8ft (2.44m) width x 8ft 6in (2.6m) height

How can I calculate my LCL CBM volumes?

To calculate your CBM volumes based on the height, weight, length, and width of your cargo, go to LCL Instant Price and utilize the calculator.

Hudhud Offers You The Opportunity To Ship Your High Quality Products In Smaller Quantities To Major Ports All Over The World!


Hudhud advantage guarantees accurate schedules and smooth movement of your cargo.

The following are some of the benefits of requesting Hudhud worldwide logistics.

  •          Access to more than 100+ countries
  •         incorporated logistics capability
  •        Global network of Hudhud-assets and equipment,so your cargo gets priority with LCL consolidators


Meet accurate deadlines ,save on extra prices and increase your supply chain management flexibility.

  •          flexibility to change the mode of transportation based on cost and speed
  •         Rather than waiting for the whole container to be filled, your LCL shipment departs as soon as it is ready for the journey
  •        Predictable lead times / shipments

Ease of use

Access to website platform ensures easy access to instant online LCL quotes and bookings.

  • Simplified LCL quotes for door-to-door
  • Clear options for speed and cost
  • several services offerings from a single source


An LCL shipment with us never leaves your sight at any point in its way.

  •         Visibility of cargo flow and estimated delivery timelines
  •        Commitment to scheduled departures

Do you need a quote for your LCL shipment?

Then use our online solution to find quotes, make bookings and track your LCL shipments.

Simply enter your shipment details and you will receive prices and accurate shipment information.

If You have ocean freight shipments (LCL) imports to Libya then send us below information and we will quote you our best rates

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  • Weight:
  • Dimensions of each PCS:
  • Full collection address:

 Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL is a trusted provider of logistics services,FCL and LCL services, with a reputation for quality and reliability – Shipping simplified

> Call us today for a free quote! (+218) 92-4834830 or email : –

LCL Service -less than container load service

Difference between FCL and LCL Service

FCL and LCL are two of common terms used in shipping under Export and Import trade of International business.

The full form of FCL is ‘Full Container Load’, it is a container that is for the use of a single consignee. In international shipping, an FCL means A single container that is reserved by the shipper specifically for the transportation of their cargo only from the point of loading to the point of unloading. The shipper doesn’t have to share the container with cargo booked by other shippers. FCL can be the most cost-efficient transport mode for your business and this improves security and simplifies ocean freight logistics management.

while, LCL which is Less than Container Load is when the exporter doesn’t have to book a full container because the size of the cargo doesn’t need that much space. An LCL container is used to export smaller shipments that need to be sent cheaply and with less urgency.

FCL delivery occurs more quickly than LCL. There is no need to sort and unload the container at different delivery ports because the full container is reserved. There is also less chance of being held up at ports or by customs officials. For LCL, additional time is needed for processing, document consolidation, and items sorting. For LCL shipments, the time needed for loading and unloading may also be longer.

Unlike FCL, there may be less clarity about the handling and documentation fees associated with LCL shipments. Although the shipping cost itself is very low compared to FCL, there may be higher handling fees and documentation fees, so it is better to discuss the terms with the shipper beforehand.

Documents required

Some of the basic to carry out the process would be:

  • Bill of Lading / Ocean Bill of Lading (Ocean Freight)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Insurance (Marine Insurance)

Note:- The documentation will vary depending upon the commodity and the country of origin.

Freight forwarders often book cargoes under the LCL category and combine a ‘consolidation’ by integrating several of their LCL cargoes.

Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL is a trusted provider of logistics services ,FCL and LCL services, with a reputation for quality and reliability – Shipping simplified
> Call us today for a free quote! (+218) 92-4834830 or email : –

Important differences between FCL and LCL containers
  • As the shipment volume increases, there is a break-even point at which the cost of LCL exceeds the cost of FCL
  • The type of product suitable for FCL is bulky and heavy, while for LCL it is small and portable
  • Traditionally, FCL rates are known to be changeful, compared to the more stable LCL rates
  • Half-height containers are ideal for heavy cargo

FCL VS LCL Container – Which is preferable?

various basic considerations determine which of the two load options is best for you. The key factor is transit time. the goods are stuffed into the container only after the freight forwarder has received enough load to fill the container. With many shipments, there may be many transshipment ports, which can delay the shipment’s arrival at the port of destination. Therefore, while choosing LCL, the exporter should know the container packing date, carrier’s itinerary, transshipment schedule and estimated arrival date.

The option between FCL and LCL is very simple when the size of the cargo is a lot or very little. But when it comes to choosing between the two, an exporter has to balance the cost of the shipment with the convenience and speed of the logistical procedure.

LCL Service -less than container load service

Features of FCL and LCL Containers

Containers may have varied features. Here are some mutual designs:

  • Tunnel design has a double door on both sides
  • Open-sided containers have one door that can be pulled down, covering one complete side
  • Double open-sided containers have doors on both the sides that can be opened and closed
  • Open-top containers have a removable tarpaulin roof
  • Refrigerated containers are used for frozen or perishable cargo
  • Flat rack containers have no roof and side panels and have collapsible end frames; these are especially suitable for oversized cargo
  • Tank containers are meant for liquid cargo

Choose hudud worldwide logistics for your FCL and LCL services

hudhud company specialized in facilitating LCL and FCL shipments worldwide. With our extensive network of agents, the relationship with the main shipping lines and a dedicated team, we guarantee you the best services and the most competitive prices. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with professional and personalized service. Whether you are shipping a single pallet or an entire container, we will make sure that your shipment arrives safely and on time, everytime.

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