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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims observe Ramadan by fasting from sunrise to sunset. During this time, Muslims are encouraged to spend time with family and friends, pray and focus on self-improvement. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and growth for Muslims. It is also a time of giving and charity.
Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL“ is committed to participating in this holy month by organizing large donation campaigns to help the needy and spread joy and happiness to many believers during the holy month of Ramadan.

– Donate the Ramadan basket to as many families as possible
– Feeding a large number of fasting and needy people
– Harvest a large number of basic materials such as milk, sugar, oil, dough, salt, dates, tuna, cheese, rice, canned tomatoes…
– Preparation of the Ramadan basket: Preparation of the Ramadan box with the basic materials that the family needs
– Ramadan Basket Distribution: After research and verification, Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL“ will start delivering the Ramadan Basket to as many deserving and needy people as possible.
– Al-Rahman Tables: Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL“ will start organizing a collective dinner in the Old City.
– Preparation of individual meals in box.
In conclusion, Hudhud Worldwide Logistics “HWL“ aims through the charity campaign to help as many people as possible by meeting their needs in this holy month and spreading joy and happiness in the hearts of believers.

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