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Forum of the Sahem Initiative

Forum of the Sahem Initiative

The closing forum of the Sahem initiative and also the first day for 43 projects and entrepreneurs to start their careers in the Libyan market with the support of Mr. Mohamed Al-Raidh and an initiative that contributed more than 2,000,000 million Libyan dinars… 🎊 #contributed #towards the future #pioneer43

“Sahem” for Small and Medium Enterprises is an initiative directed to support and advance the private sector in Libya, designed by a group of experts and specialists in entrepreneurship to support owners of small and medium enterprises in cities and regions located in the administrative scope of the Misurata municipality, under the supervision and direct contribution of businessman “Mohamed Al-Raied” Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Naseem Food Industries, the official sponsor of the initiative, with technical and educational support from Al-Naseem Organization for Community Development.

Forum of the Sahem Initiative


initiative message


Strengthening the role of the private sector as a main sponsor and contributor to supporting emerging projects, and enhancing the role of youth and enabling them to play a greater role at this stage, to move towards a better future in which our country can achieve real growth and stability.

Forum of the Sahem Initiative
Forum of the Sahem Initiative

Initiative Objectives


• Contributing with an amount of money provided by Al-Naseem Company for Food Industries to support small and medium enterprises in the Misurata municipality.
• Providing financial and technical support through training courses for project owners participating in the initiative.
• Contribute to the development of the service, production and commercial sectors in the municipality of Misurata by supporting the private sector.
• Attracting university youth, graduates, and craftspeople, and developing their skills.
• Attracting experts and academics in the city by benefiting from them in the training program.

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