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About HWL

Be it document, parcel or even container heading to Asia, Europe or America, HudHud Worldwide Logistics is your reliable and professional logistics solutions provider …

The company has won many awards and is registered with many prominent organizations including FIATA, TIACA and IATA.
Hudhud Worldwide Logistics provides comprehensive door-to-door multi-modal services, including air freight, ocean freight and cross-border transportation services a global basis for all companies involved with the export & import. In addition to these services Hudhud Worldwide Logistics also offers value added services as 3rd party logistics and insurance coverage.
Our offices are located in all major cities in Libya. From which are can serve our esteem customers from all sea & airports in Libya, our head office is in Tripoli and two major branch offices are located in Benghazi and Misurata. All our offices are linked to our computerized systems through our Tripoli head office for real-time, on-line information.
Hudhud World Wide Logistics is committed to not paying bribery and promotes transparency. We are 100% FCPA compliant and are members of Trace International organization.
Hudhud Worldwide Logistics takes pride of its qualified staff that reflects the company’s commitment for professional and high standard of work.

In the meantime, In the meantime, if you have a inquiry about our services please don’t hesitate to contact us:

HudHud Worldwide Logistics Al Swanni Rd, Km9
P.O. Box: 5897 Tripoli, Libya
Phone: +218-21-7190892     Phone: +218-21-7137666

HudHud Worldwide Logistics Al Mgawoba Street.
Phone: +218-51-2661051     Fax: +218-51-2661052

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